Jamie & Karl
Fully Qualified Mechanics

Lead Electrician

About TAD Autotech

TAD.Autotech LTD has over 36 years of combined experience with Karl and James at the helm. Both Karl and James bring different attributes to the table, James having worked overseas and having good knowledge across European brands and diagnostic scan tool skill set. Karl has been lucky to been taught by some of the best in the TAD sector, he can turn his hand to building a rotary engine just as well as he can build a diesel engine or build and test a diesel injection pump.

TAD.Autotech LTD have created a culture where if they can’t help you with your issue, they will do their best to put you in contact with the correct person to help you. TAD.Autotech LTD take pride in knowing the people who own the business are the people who the valued customers talk directly to, and furthermore they are the people doing the jobs for their valued customers.

Both James and Karl believe knowledge is key to success backed by quality workmanship and will not let anything but professional service and workmanship out of their workshop. Part of TAD.Autotech LTD staff development is continual training so they can offer you their best in up-to-date knowledge with manufacture latest developments. Both James and Karl enjoy being at the top of their game enjoy the challenge of a “can’t fix it” situation they have been presented with.

TAD.Autotech LTD uses only quality parts and suppliers that meet their level of exaptation so they can ensure a quality job for their valued customers.